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Pertama Digital Sees Entry of Sabri Ab Rahman as Substantial Shareholder


PETALING JAYA 11 March – Pertama Digital Berhad, a Bursa Malaysia Main Market listed investment holding company in the mobile and digital space, today announced that its executive director Sabri Ab Rahman has served a notification of his rights through contract to take on an additional 115,000,000 ordinary shares or about 26.5% equity in Pertama Digital. Currently, Sabri holds about 3.8% equity in Pertama Digital.


Sabri, aged 61, is also the executive director of Dapat Vista (M) Sdn Bhd, in which Pertama Digital holds shares indirectly. He oversees the implementation of digital solutions for govtech services and is a veteran in the broadcasting and communication industries.


Sabri said: “In order to strengthen my alignment with the future of Pertama Digital, I have acquired a right to purchase additional ordinary shares which will increase my shareholding in the company to 131,410,438 ordinary shares or about 30.3% equity. The latest update signifies my commitment and determination to take up a firmer position in Pertama Digital and ramp up our digital business.”


Sabri Ab Rahman


Sabri added, “Upon final completion of Pertama Digital’s disposal of its former textile business, we will focus on building up our digital business. We are receiving potential investors who share our vision to invest in and nurture great fintech and govtech companies that build impactful, inclusive solutions for Malaysians in the digital and mobile space. These developments will be announced at the appropriate times.”


Listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, Pertama Digital Berhad (formerly known as Sinotop Holdings Berhad) is an investment holding company in the digital and mobile space.


It invests in, and nurtures, great fintech and govtech companies that build impactful, inclusive solutions for Malaysians in the digital and mobile space, such as DAPAT Vista (M) Sdn Bhd.


Founded on the cusp of the millennium, DAPAT is a tech-driven Malaysian company that specializes in mobile technology and digitalisation of government services. It provides solutions in mobile and web apps; mobile payment; messaging; business empowerment APIs; and other customised digital services and products.


DAPAT also operates the mySMS gateway and owns and operates the MyPay and eJamin apps. DAPAT innovates and deploys best, modern and efficient solutions for the rakyat with the agility of a startup and the credibility of a public listed company. -