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Spritzer brings convenience to homes with subscription plan

Spritzer subscription plan




KUALA LUMPUR 16 Dec. - Spritzer Malaysia (Spritzer) which produces Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water, is making it safer and more convenient by bringing drinking water straight to homes around the country through a brand-new subscription plan.


For as low as RM127.50 per month, families can now enjoy a supply of natural mineral water delivered right to their doorsteps, something to consider in these COVID-19 pandemic times when staying healthy by keeping hydrated is really important. 


The subscription plan offers a number of options that can cater to various family or household needs. 


Included in the subscription are water dispensers that make it easy and convenient for use anywhere as these dispensers can be packed to picnics and family gatherings or parties. 


Those who are busy will find it really convenient to have the hot/cold dispensers as the hot dispenser function makes it easy to have cup noodles or make a cup of hot chocolate.




Having potable water for consumption is important and Spritzer has been producing natural mineral water since the late 1980s in an environmentally safe and substantiable facility in Taiping, Perak surrounded by a nearby 200-million-year-old tropical rain forest, which has been kept in pristine condition and away from pollutants.


With clean water that is consistently safe for consumption becoming an issue in recent years, Spritzer is making it convenient for households by delivering the natural mineral water straight to them with a subscription plan that is just right for a family given the options offered.


No more rush with the rest to get bottled water during a water disruption with the Spritzer subscription plan.


For more details, please go to the Spritzer eShop at https://www.spritzer.com.my/shop/products/id:12/slug:spritzer-monthly-water-plan to subscribe to the plan or go to the Company’s Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Spritzer or website at https://www.spritzer.com.my/. - DagangNews.com