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Yayasan Hasanah assists more than 1 million Malaysians to-date




KUALA LUMPUR 11 June - Malaysia’s leading impact-based foundation, Yayasan Hasanah reported that it has assisted more than one million Malaysians to-date through a variety of education, community development, environment, arts and public spaces, knowledge and humanitarian relief programmes. 


Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah, Shahira Ahmed Bazari said that more than 80% of projects the foundation co-ordinated in 2020 were pandemic-related.


“In 2020, as Yayasan Hasanah turned five, the world grappled with COVID-19. The need for immediate relief quickly became obvious.


Shahira Ahmed Bazari
Shahira Ahmed Bazari


“Reaching out to those adversely affected with various forms of aid, and in a timely manner formed the crux of our operations. It was a record-breaking year as we delivered at greater speed, at an increased volume, and for immediate impact.


“We responded with livelihood initiatives to help many micro entrepreneurs to pivot to online sales, education initiatives to support teachers, students and parents through hybrid teaching and learning, and financial assistance and health services including hygiene kits, food and nutrition for the urban and rural poor, people with special needs and orang asal, amongst others,” said Shahira at the launch of The Hasanah Report 2020: A New World of Silver Linings and Embracing Change, as quoted in a statement.


During this period, Yayasan Hasanah expanded its network to include 253 partner organisations and mobilised more than five times the projects it delivered in 2019.


The foundation also doubled its outreach to impact more than 322,000 Malaysians in the past year through various humanitarian and relief initiatives.


“We were honoured to be appointed by the government, through its various COVID-19 economic stimulus packages, to orchestrate several national projects and ensure expedient deployment for Malaysians.


“It was a huge responsibility to offer communities a silver lining amidst the disruptions and challenges of 2020,” Shahira further explained.


Last year, Yayasan Hasanah also co-ordinated and managed the Government-Linked Companies (GLC) and Government-Linked Investment Companies (GLIC) Disaster Response Network (GDRN) COVID-19 response worth approximately RM95 million, Malaysian Coordination and Action Hub (MATCH), Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package and the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HDR) efforts under Yayasan Hasanah and Khazanah Nasional Berhad.


Meanwhile, Yayasan Hasanah will continue to deliver several COVID-19 response initiatives by the government into 2021 - including RM150 million for CERDIK, RM25 million for Hasanah Special Grant 2 and RM100 million under Pemerkasa.


She added, for the first time, Yayasan Hasanah extended a small amount of unrestricted funding to its 39 grant partners to help them cope with the pressures brought on by the pandemic.


“We want to continue paving the way, with our expanded network of partners, for long-term impact,” said Shahira who alluded to the organisation’s upcoming five-year strategy 2020-2025. 


“As we progress, I am confident that if we keep listening closely to the heartbeat of our communities, and collaborate with stakeholders who uphold common guiding principles, we can build a stronger, more cohesive Malaysia,” said her. -