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Lexus Golfer Hideki Matsuyama claims Masters victory!

TOYOTA CITY, Japan April 14 ― Hideki Matsuyama, sponsored by Lexus, claimed a final-round victory in the 2021 Masters Tournament held on April 8–11 at the challenging Augusta National Golf Club in the United States.


His triumph made him the first Japanese golfer to win the tournament. Sharing an unyielding determination to overcome challenges on the world stage, Hideki Matsuyama and Lexus will continue to drive forward, together.


HIDEKI MATSUYAMA Professional Golfer Sponsored by Lexus


“I had been nervous all day since the morning today (on the final day of the tournament), and I stayed nervous all the way to the end. I’m glad I was able to play well in front of my family and friends in Japan.


"Although I hadn’t been able to win a major, I have a feeling that my victory in The Masters will lead to change the mind of the young golfers in Japan, as well. I want to win more and more. I appreciate you all. Thank you!“


AKIO TOYODA President, Toyota Motor Corporation
AKIO TOYODA President, Toyota Motor Corporation


“Congratulations on winning The Masters and a major championship! Upon seeing you greeted by applause from so many members of the gallery when you secured your victory on the final hole, I, too, was overjoyed,' said Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation.


"You had continued taking up the challenge of fulfilling your dream of aiming for a win in the majors. Although I don’t think the road to this point was an easy one, you kept up your passion for winning a major, finally grasping victory.


"After you retrieved the ball, I watched as you shared your joy with your support staff. I was immensely impressed by the smiles on everyone’s faces. I believe that your dream, before everyone realized it, had become the dream of many people. We are very happy to have been among those people.


"Sensing your flood of emotions in the “Thank you!” of your winner’s statement filled me, as well, with emotion. For the first win by a Japanese golfer in a major championship, and for your continued effort no matter what, I would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart that it is we who say: “Thank you!”. I sincerely congratulate you!“


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