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The benefits of knowing your own `talent'

By Dr. Dewi Binti Tajuddin


Do you know anything about 'Talent'? Some of the guiding principles that understand and know your own talents will be to invite good and beneficial advantages in your own life, organization, environment and the most precise in the life of the individual.

1. Identify who you are

A clear description of talent outlines an understanding of the abilities, previleges and advantages of it will tell you about your own potential. These outlines recognizing who is more precisely able to tell clearly about his or her own talent and understanding of the talent that exists in himself/herself.

The continuity of the ability to self-esteem can accelerate actions and achievements based on self-knowledge of the abilities, privileges, and advantages of potential gifts inherent in self-esteem. Knowing and understanding your own talents can best outline the personality of the individual, the understanding of personality can discredit the individual riot and how it attracts human relationships, this can be expressed in terms of behaviour and personality. Understanding your own talents can create a personality that is parallel to the ability of yourself to indirectly create the best personal values ​​and favour the environment.

2. Love yourself for understanding your own uniqueness

Understanding of self-esteem can result in positive individual actions caused by the individual's understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, the goals of birth and implementation will be carried out based on the ability of the talented individual to self-management. With an understanding of yourself based on the continuity of the understanding of self-esteem, it can create self-expression, when it is self-reliant that all positive actions will be implemented to apply the self-esteem in any of the activities outlined in ourselves, life and communication within the organization.

This understanding will also illustrate whether bad actions that need not be implemented are even guided to achieve self-pity because this unique self-concept has outlined the self-concept by giving the best impression of self-motivation, diligence and self-management which can prove the superiority of the talent itself will generate internal leadership values ​​for individual life.


3. Can be self-confidence and trust from the environment.

Can have the confidence and confidence of yourself and the environment with the ability to perform certain tasks. The advantages of knowing this self-esteem can lead to confidence and trust in ourselves and the environment of our ability to perform the duties that have been entrusted. Talent implementation based on the ability and positive business confidence will generate the best value talent and the assessment of these outcomes can be described from those who are also positive.


4. Conducting proper layout planning.

Implementing this precise planning layout based on individual and quality personal goals. Advantages of understanding your own talents can help neatly plan the planning, with individual and quality personal goals clearly stating the best result of the understanding of self-esteem.


5. The best personal self-discipline and performance

When it comes to self-esteem, there is a structured plan that includes daily life planning, current relationships and planning within the organization to achieve organizational goals and self. Good planning requires the best self-discipline with this when it comes to understanding the effectiveness of self-discipline in producing the best planning achievement so that the best self-discipline and self-discipline of self-esteem will be realized.


6. Applying the best Communication skills for current affairs

Communication is not just about communicating with each other, but it also outlines written communication and story-telling through body language or gestational language. Understand the use of the best communication skills for current affairs can result in a continuation of an understanding of what has been outlined. Understanding of self-help talents can transform communication skills so it can best utilize these communication skills to realize the goals and achievement of goals for current affairs.


7. Time management to achieve the goal

Being well-known for the advantages of self-esteem will be helpful in managing the right time in achieving the goal. For example if an individual is very talented in generating individual book writing, he can outline how long he will produce the writing. We have to think what if an individual who is responsible for generating book writing whereas the individual does not know and no talent to produce the writing.

Individuals who are not talented and do not know the writing guidelines can produce writing, but it takes a long time to understand what the writing policy is. As such it is required to attend a writing exercise that involves a long time and a great deal of cost. It can also be expressed in bad writing or does not imply the reading value of the reader against writing that is not based on the individual's inner talents. The timely management of achieving the goal can be best achieved this is the contribution and the advantages of knowing our own talents.


8. Appearance and the right skills

This precise appearance and skill will state that when the individual understands this personal talent will contribute and affect the right appearance and skill to a situation. As an example of talented individuals in writing it can be characterized by the type of writing. For example, if the individual is a writer based on the love of his performance over love and skill, he has to illustrate how to speak politely and silently.

What the writer says stories about the current economy of the individual's performances and skills are more decisive, and what about writers who write about cooking results or how to cook their looks and skills will be different. This individual will be more careful in describing the ingredients to be used in his cooking. Understanding of self-esteem can contribute more strongly and appropriately to the individual's performances and skills.


9. Good and accurate collaboration

Why my understanding of self-esteem can contribute to the good and exact cooperation in current relationships and in the organization? In an organization that outlines the distribution of the existing task states the existence of individual talents and the individual talents are streamed based on tasks that are related to the individual's talent.

This situation can be one of the best and organized ways of doing so that it can execute the task and execute accurately and quickly. With this situation it can produce good and accurate cooperation in the organization to achieve the fast and brilliant goals within the organization.


10. The best understanding of personal development and ethics

The best understanding of personal development and ethics, personal and ethical development outlines intrapersonal skills, self-management, interpersonal skills, time management, stress management, creative thinking, and ethical understanding. Personal development plays an important role in career success.

The personal change process provides a very important way in personal management. The concepts described in a personal change process may change the effectiveness of personal or intrapersonal and public or interpersonal skills.


i) Individual skills:

Individual skills outline the strengths and weaknesses of oneself, this will involve self-concept, attitude, motivation, and self-management


ii) Interpersonal Skills:

Public or individual interpersonal skills will emphasize leadership skills, communication networks, self confidence in developing effective relationships among our peers.


iii) Ethical Understanding:

Ethical and sustainable development is more of a valuable and unchanging life


iv) Self-management:

It outlines the understanding of management in personal conduct and environmental relationships


v) Time management:

It prioritizes time trips with directions and guidelines to produce the right goals.


vi) Stress management:

In the current life that involves the journey of life it will surely invite and present various types of stress, everyone must understand the pattern of stress experienced and will be experienced. Understanding the pressure pattern must be based on knowledge and openness to understand the environmental impact.


vii) Creative Thinking:

Creative thinking is a practice based on knowledge understanding and can be transmitted in various ways in which it involves a creative and innovative practice framework.

In essence, understanding your talent can lead to your personal development. Therefore, developing your personal talent will help you achieving your professional and organizational development!  -



The writer is a senior lecturer HRM at UiTM Sabah that specialises in the personal development and talent management.